The quality of buildings

Really shocked when I read this piece ( the quality of building in Chinese cities. It seems there are huge challenges its people may face in the near future. So many poor quality buildings everywhere, not just poorly designed, but also poorly quality-controlled, with poor facility, poor service system, etc.

To achieve a high-quality development is by no means easy, and achieve a general quality one is absolutely necessary. There is still a long way to go for urban China. Today we held a great amount of housing and space in hands, yet they are not just unequally distributed, not just so, they are also poorly constructed, poorly served and maintained.

Development is time consuming, building is time consuming. Time is fare to everyone, and everywhere. A high-speed growth will face tremendous challenges that a low-speed one has no need to face, that is the rule of the game, the rule of almost everything. You need to pay back if you play the game, 出来混总是要还的. Now the city and its people will face the tough challenges of a high-speed growth and constructions. Urban China is in need of redevelopment, again, to fix the poor-quality space it built in the last several decades.